Umbrellas- Yes or No?

At home I have a big black umbrella in the car. And at least one in the house. Last Christmas I received the gift of one with a yarn/knitting theme. I’ve sat under a golf one at a lacrosse game, but when I think about it, I use them rarely. I’m not sure why but I’m thinking about it. This trip I’ve relied on a hooded rain jacket when I’m out and about in the rain.

I learned in the History of umbrellas umbrellas have been around for 4000 years! Who knew?

Do you use an umbrella?

Marija Juric Zagorka sculpture –
B.1873 D.1957 most widely read Croatian Journalist/Novelist and Women’s Activist
School field trip learning about Ban Josip Jelacic equestrian statue

19 thoughts on “Umbrellas- Yes or No?

  1. Yes on umbrellas. We have them in both cars and one at home. You are right, we rarely use them but when we do, they are a godsend.

  2. Yes on umbrellas, I have one in the car and one in the house. Surprised they have been around for 4000 years. Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

  3. Yes of course. I didn’t use to but after several people said I did not have the good sense to come in out of the rain I started using one. I have a small one inside my car, easy access. A large one in the trunk, if it looks like rain when I’m going in a grocery store. And several golf umbrellas good against rain or sun. I also have a James Bond umbrella which can be used as a derringer, syringe, bayonet and mini helicopter for a quick exit. Dc

  4. We have them everywhere. I very seldom use an umbrella. I have a rain suit with my golf bag and motorcycle. I do not mind rain. It is only water.

  5. Lately I just wear a hooded rain jacket as I just can’t handle carrying a bunch of stuff any more. But when I lived in Vancouver, an umbrella was part of your outfit.

  6. It’s a positive hindrance in a town- poking eyes out, and how can you manoeuvre a camera and an umbrella? The other half likes one, though.

  7. Great pics of the various umbrellas! In college I used one, but these days not so much. When we had dogs I would just wear a raincoat so my hands would be free for their leashes; now I pretty much don’t go outside in the rain. (Or if I do, it’s likely from my car to a nearby door, so I just job/run in and risk getting wet.)

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