Roller Toaster

Found this Roller Toaster in Charlie’s car bin this afternoon and thought it was fun. We were building a block tower and an adjacent parking lot.

Turns out there’s a Fast Foodie Series of Hot Wheels Vehicles.

In 2020 it was $4.95. Listed at $19.95 today. Yikes! But on eBay a pre-owned one is $2.

I do love toast.

The size of a matchbox car but manufactured by Hot Wheels weighs 1.55 ounces

10 thoughts on “Roller Toaster

  1. I love toast too. However, it appears that the toast and the tires are made of the same material so I’m not sure this roller toaster thing is going to catch on. dc

  2. What an unusual find. It sounds like you had (are having) fun playing with Charlie. We had the grandkids overnight this weekend. So much fun playing BINGO, chasing each other in snow tag, reading…

  3. Fun! Hot Wheels (and Legos) are both so creative and delightful.

    Side note: When I saw the title of this post, I thought it was going to be about a conveyor toaster – which I haven’t used (or seen) since college. So I also got a lovely secondary memory nudge out of this post as well – two for one! 😉

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