Fridge Door Clutter

A magnetic pad shopping list, Xmas cards, photos from childhood- I had to get a new fridge cause there were no new or used parts available for my old model. A fridge has to have a good seal.

10 thoughts on “Fridge Door Clutter

  1. We just went through the same thing. It was time to get rid of some the fridge clutter anyway. Surprisingly my new stainless fridge is still magnetic. But I refuse to put all that clutter back on the fridge. Just a couple of things. (That’s how it starts!)

    • I guess in time I’ll adjust to the sleek empty surface. It was pretty messy before but right now I miss their smiling faces.

  2. My stainless fridge is covered with pictures. Some times I talk to them. I saw a Perla truck , I also buy from them.

  3. I like the new look…and the refrigerator looks good too! I’ve seen that people have some kind of cork board or something with ribbon on it that pictures are held in place. You are so crafty I’m sure you could find something where the smiling faces are still visible. dc

  4. Our stainless fridge is magnetic – and we have an assortment of pics on it. I’d much rather live in a home with life than in a pristine-but-sterile environment.

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