7 thoughts on “Maura’s Guest Blog

  1. 911 What’s your emergency?
    This is Maura. I just spotted a suspicious car
    What is suspicious about it Maura?
    It is parked awkwardly at the curb, going the wrong way. Nobody is in it and it is completely empty.
    You mean nobody is in it?
    I mean nothing is in it!
    What do you mean?
    I mean there is no seat cushion, no gear shift, no speedometer, no rear view or side mirrors, Nothing!
    Is there a license plate?
    Is there a note on the windshield?
    There is no windshield or windows. I’m telling you this car is empty.
    Okay Maura. I’m sending a police officer to your location to check it out. Don’t go near it until he arrives.
    You better send a two year old with him. This car is super small and I don’t think an adult will be able to get inside.
    The officer is a K-9 unit so the dog will be able to check the vehicle out for drugs or explosives.
    It better be a chihuahua because a German Shepard won’t be able to check out the inside.
    Do you know what kind of car it is Maura.
    I think it says ToysRus on the back.
    Not a Toyota. It might be a Subaru. My grandmother has a Subaru but it sure isn’t empty. Hers has a rearview mirror with a knitted frame.
    Okay Maura. The officer is just now on scene and he will take care of this investigation now. dc

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