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Location location location. Isn’t that the rule of real estate? It’s EVERYTHING!

Maura took this photo of a brand new development, built along the active railroad tracks. She says I could sit on the porch and knit and watch the freight trains go by. Heaven forbid if there’s a derailment! What were they thinking with this plan? No occupancy yet but I can’t imagine anyone rushing to buy one of these units.

Brand new condominiums for sale

6 thoughts on “Location is Everything Guest Blog

  1. This really looks weird. It’s obvious from the photo that the front of each new home is facing the railroad track. That doesn’t make any sense. If a builder was going to build new homes near a railroad track, why wouldn’t they have the back of the homes facing the railroad track rather than the front?

  2. Unfortunately with the scarcity of living spaces these days, I bet some people will be forced to purchase these homes. 🙁

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