Spider Traps Stink Bug

Not sure if your part of the world is infested with these undesirable STINK BUGS but they are trying to get in every window and crack around here.  I looked at what I thought was a giant spider and he is good sized, hanging in a web out on the columns on the porch, but there he was grabbing onto one of those armor plated stink bugs.   When the kids were small we’d read a book from the library called  Be Nice to Spiders by Margaret Bloy Graham. Tonight’s shot- they were both outside. I left them alone. But a stinkbug seems like a poor choice for a meal.

Another one for the Nature scrapbook. I like the shadow from the porch light.

Summer Porch Scene

Porch swing, rocker, wind chimes
Invitation to sit a spell, relax. Second day of summer.

Suzanne’s garden lush greens. Variegated. Giant Oak Leaf Hydrangeas blooming. Lamb’s Ear and Lavender border the steps. Ripening blueberries in the back.  Seeing the latest projects and sharing details about family visits. Catching up with  a good friend. What a lovely way to spend a summer afternoon.