You Can Checkout a Chair for 21 Days

At the Carnegie Main Library Branch you can checkout a chair, a ukulele, or board games. There are tool libraries and cake pans to be loaned at different county libraries.

When I arrived and asked to have my passport stamped, Christopher asked if I’d like to see something? I said yes. He took me first to the children’s room and opened the door revealing this tiny marble sink.

Then after he thoughtfully inquired could I climb stairs? (there was an elevator, too) he took me to see the dinosaurs in the Museum of Natural History. We walked through the stacks to this window and could see the display in the museum with an aerial view. So cool!

Up again to the 11th floor (this time in the elevator) to see the rooftop views

All knitting books
This chair is available for 21 days checkout
Got my stamp! checked out a Sock Knitting Master Class book by Ann Budd with a DVD in the back cover.

Thank you Christopher for the special tour of the Main Branch.

8 thoughts on “You Can Checkout a Chair for 21 Days

  1. I must get my passport out and visit the different libraries! I only have a few stamps. I love all the behind the scenes pictures Ruth E

  2. Libraries are amazing. And whenever someone asks, “Do you want to see something?” the answer is always YES. 🙂

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