Red Raspberry Pie

Three months ago I helped someone with their knitting. Yesterday they came to my front porch and I received this unexpected treat. Raspberries are about my favorite fruit. They taste like summer.

Sand Hill Berries is a family-owned and operated small fruits farm located in the foothills of the beautiful Laurel Highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania. Our farm specializes in red raspberries, red currants, black currants, gooseberries, yellow raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries”

19 thoughts on “Red Raspberry Pie

  1. One pie I haven’t tried. Red raspberries not very plentiful here in Florida. Would be an expensive pie to bake here. Looks wonderful.

  2. Raspberries are my favorite berry. While July berries are great, there are also fall-bearing red raspberries as well a golden raspberries in late September. Delish any way you use them.

  3. I’ve never had raspberry pie. But this looks delicious. Raspberries are Randy’s favorite fruit. Me? Peaches, cherries, blueberries, strawberries…and oranges in winter. I like ALL fruit.

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