The 30th PedalPGH hosted by BikePGH

Thirtieth Anniversary of Pedal Pittsburgh August 27, 2023 was

“Hosted by BikePGH, PedalPGH is Pennsylvania’s Largest Bike Ride” (and we’ve lots of hilly terrain in the city)

I was knitting a pair of socks on the front porch Sunday morning. My street is a definite incline. I got to watch bikers pedal by at different rates of speed. You can watch a sampling here

On our way to the movie theatre the street was filled the cyclists

6 thoughts on “The 30th PedalPGH hosted by BikePGH

  1. If the video was just another minute you would have seen me pushing my bike uphill! Dc

  2. Why did I not know about this? I’m going to have to pass this info on to my son-in-law who visits here often (with his wife, my daughter) from Kentucky. He’s an avid biker and just completed the bike ride across Iowa last month – 540 miles!

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