Throwback Thursday Shirley Temple Doll from the Fifties

The 1937 movie Heidi starring Shirley Temple inspired this doll. My friend has a vintage doll collection. I photographed her dolls in 2015 and had a jigsaw puzzle created from one of the photos.

Dolls prompt mixed responses.

They creep some people out.

Others collect and display them.

Did you have a special doll?

Shirley Temple Doll in my friend’s glass doored cabinet

In 2010 I photographed granddaughter Maura looking at Aunt Linda’s doll collection

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Here’s one of the photos from 2010

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Shirley Temple Doll from the Fifties

  1. Yes! I still have some of my favorite dolls. My Sweetie Pie Doll comes first. I called my grandchildren Sweetie Pie’s a lot when they were little. I also have other dolls my mother saved for me. Sweetie Pie went every where with me.

  2. I did have a special doll. Don’t know what happened to it but it did creep my kid out.

  3. Maura is a precious doll in the above photo! As a kid I was more keen on stuffed animals than dolls. I don’t have any dolls from my childhood, but do still have a few treasured “stuffies”.

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