Throwback Thursday Knitting for Barbie Retro Kit

I took this photo at the Heinz History Center in March 2016. The canister is from c.1962. There are a couple of these old canisters at eBay or Etsy.I found this photo in the archives tonight. The kit could make a “fitted coat and a pillbox hat”.

I’ve knit basic tube dresses for my granddaughter’s Barbies, using leftover sock yarn but I’d like to see what the fitted coat looked like.

The dress I knit

12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Knitting for Barbie Retro Kit

  1. I did have some knitting books for Barbie clothing a long time a go. Maybe in the late 70″s.

    • I just did a few simple tube dresses. Nothing intricate. I think it’s a fun project though.

  2. I sewed some clothes for my daughter’s Barbie. They were not fun to make as they were so tiny. I was glad when cabbage patch dolls came around. Much easier to sew things for. I love the knitted dress. Why didn’t I think of that!

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