So Good/So Bad

Steve brought home a bag of wavy potato chips and a container of French Onion dip. Oh my. I didn’t even make the dip. It was purchased.

Sunday afternoon I was knitting, watching the Steelers game and had to stop so I didn’t get the grease on the yarn.

Tasted good. Not good for you. The salt, the fat. But so tasty

How do you feel about potato chips and dip?

Corn chips and salsa will be a future post.


17 thoughts on “So Good/So Bad

  1. Only concern is sometimes they put mushroom powder in the onion dip so you have to watch for it. If clear I think the combo is awesome. And the Steelers won so I say make it a part of game day! dc

  2. We love them. We limit eating them because of the salt and more. In a strange way that makes eating them a special treat and they taste soooo good.

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