People at Work- Addition to the Series – and Subaru Loves Pets Day

This morning I drove out to #1Cochran Subaru to an appointment with Mary Beth. There’s a Love- Encore Delivery program. She patiently showed me all the features in my new car, answered questions that I had and showed me where to take my Outback for service in the future. Thank you Mary Beth.

Although I had a 2011 Subaru Outback previously, this new one has lots of improved technology and safety features. “To make sure you’re familiar with these features and to personalize them according to your needs, Subaru created the Love-Encore visit. You’ll have a one-on-one appointment at Subaru with a Subaru Star Delivery Specialist who will answer any questions you have and help you explore and customize your vehicle’s systems”

She gave me a little black notebook with pen and stylus and a $25 Sheetz gas card.

The blog introduced you to Harry “Good News” when I bought my car – it was Harry who told me about the Love-Encore program. Thank you

As I was leaving I saw that #1 Cochran is having a Subaru loves Pets Day Oct 28th. (Note Date changed from original of 22 October) Dogs who are Hard to Place in forever homes will be in the showroom.

5 thoughts on “People at Work- Addition to the Series – and Subaru Loves Pets Day

  1. I hope you find a nice dog to take home and on the way find an abandoned couch/chair for him/her. I still don’t know half of the stuff on my car so that service is great. And what they are doing for the dogs is wonderful. I hope many find forever homes. 🙏dc

  2. What a wonderful dealer. I wish all dealers would be so customer oriented , especially since cars no longer come with a manual. Good luck with your new car.

  3. My car is OK but I sure could use a dog. What a wonderful program. Hoping they all find a home gcr

  4. Good luck with your new car. Those newer cars have great safety features, especially for us more mature drivers. Glad Marybeth took great care of you! You deserve it!

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