Vintage 1985 Throwback Thursday Guest Blog

My friend Joanne writes from Florida …..

Back in the day we went to a lot of military formal events which were always a great chance to dress up and feel elegant. I only kept a few outfits from those days, but one was a beaded chiffon two piece that I bought in 1985 and wore many times over the years. I always loved that outfit. I had an invitation to a local formal military dinner (they call it a Dining Out) — my friend was out of town so she asked if I would be her husband’s date. I remembered the outfit was in a box so I dug it out. Steamed it. Extended the elastic waistband to fit my expanded waistline. Removed the huge shoulder pads. And wore it 38 years later …..Lots of compliments and I felt pretty special in it.

Same dress and earrings in 1991…military holiday ball.
Joanne and husband, COL Wayne Loers

6 thoughts on “Vintage 1985 Throwback Thursday Guest Blog

  1. That dress is timeless. I’m impressed that she kept it. On a personal note, this sent me back in time to “Dining Out” events my husband and I attended when he was a military officer. I haven’t kept the dresses from those, but we still have hubby’s dress blues (the formal uniform the gentleman in your post is wearing).

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