3 Kernels Were Sufficient

Enough to inform my taste buds that this product wasn’t for me.

Not sure what Steve thought when he saw it in the store.
We like eating stuffing at Thanksgiving. Just not as the flavor for popcorn.

Plain popcorn with plain salt, cooked on top of the stove. Real butter on rare occasions.

My preference.

Do you like popcorn?


I mean I saw this bag of Unikorn on a sale shelf at Tj Maxx and wasn’t even tempted


8 thoughts on “3 Kernels Were Sufficient

  1. Salt, no butter.
    I can imagine the stuffing popcorn tasted disgusting!
    I do like Carmel Corn with nuts!

  2. I love popcorn. But neither of these would tempt me either. The hues on the unicorn popcorn are unappealing. And the idea of popcorn tasting like stuffing, yuck. But drizzle some chocolate on popcorn and I’ll happily eat it. I like Boom Chicka Pop popcorn made right here in southern Minnesota. But I also like popcorn made in an old-fashioned popper and seasoned with salt and plenty of butter.

  3. I do enjoy popcorn. My favorite is white cheddar flavored. Occasionally I’ll enjoy Chicago mix, but as I get older I find my taste for sweet things is starting to diminish, and savory becomes my preference more and more….

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