..of a Different Color

Today I went for a spontaneous “meeting” with Cj at Buffalo Blues in Shadyside.  And I found the long lost relative of yesterday’s horse I posted. Today’s horse bright and well cared for, but no freedom as he is corralled in his wooden frame which is probably to deter theft.  So I don’t see a single old rocking horse for years and then two in two days??? If one were to believe in signs… Looked up horse sayings seeking the origin of this Different Color phrase and we all know about the gift horse.  A quote about switching horses in the middle of the race and the kids at school like to horse around. Horseplay is actually one of the boxes you can check on the discipline referral.  We know about leading horses to water and on occasion I have eaten like one.  If you missed the old gray mare she was posted March 31st. This spot outside the Oh Yeah! Ice Cream & Coffee 232 South Highland Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206 (412) 200-5574 ‎ Open 7AM-11PM

I can’t believe my eyes.
Friday and it’s April Fool.
How many kids will tell me
there’s a spider on my shirt?
Is the predicted inch of snow
for the morning just a
cruel joke?
I like to change up the blog post themes from day to day but two rocking horses in two days? There was no other possible post.

Ghost Bicycles, Halloween House and a Full Moon

Steve drove me home from the Poetry Reading at Borders. Drove around the block so I could shoot the Halloween House and the FULL moon. Got out of the car and it wasn’t looking like much. Then the traffic started to arrive.  And the lights of the passing cars added some interest. But when the 25 bicycles sped by with their lights on I shot as fast as I could.  Not intending an animation initially but I thought it made the series worthy of publication.

Pittsburgh Marathon Shark Sighting @ Mile 20

You don’t expect to see JAWS running in a marathon.  More Pittsburgh Marathon photos in FB album click on underlined link

Must have been hot inside! Rounding corner at Highland Ave & Bryant Street- Highland Park,