Joyland Tavern and the Ladies’ Entrance-Signage on the Road to Johnstown

Tha Ladies Entrance

My friend M and I were driving to that Tulip Festival to see the artwork.  We saw this sign along the way.  Photographed it on the way back.  I found another post of JOYLAND from someone else on the route to Johnstown.  Lots of passersby must photograph this signage.

Three miles to Seward PA the sign says along the highway.

Tulip Festival Dancers in Cambria City-Johnstown PA

One of the tulip ballerinas flashes the peace sign to the audience awaiting their performance.


Artists Laura Jean McLaughlin and David Ziller and a community of volunteers created the stunning Mosaic Tulips on the side of the Tulip Bottling Company, now an art gallery called Bottleworks.  You can read all about the creation of this colorful and inspiring work here.  Artist Bill Pfahl told me about the Festival and he had paintings inside the show at the Bottleworks Gallery. My colleague and friend M accompanied me on the adventure to Johnstown PA.  We each ate a $2 BBQ ham sandwich.