It Started with an Elvis Clock and 3 Latch Hook Rugs

I went to the North Side Carpet Cleaning Company to pick up the latch hook rugs my mother made years ago. After I paid the bill and Joe put them into the car I saw the giant Elvis photo on the wall of the office and then realized there was a clock in the left upper corner. He said they got it when they visited Graceland years ago. His wife is the fan! I asked him if it would be okay to photograph it for the blog. He graciously agreed. Elvis-Clock-Graceland

And once I was in the office and shooting Elvis without a reflection from the window, I saw the black and white historical photograph of the first chain driven truck on the North Side.


Then check out this office machine sitting in front of the window. A Paymaster Ribbon Writer to imprint checks.

Office-MachineThen I got a tour of the room where the rugs are cleaned and I saw the 1952 MIRZA (made the same year I was born)

1952-Mirza-Rug-Cleaning-MachineRug-Cleaning-MachineAnd he pointed out the hole in the ceiling where I could see a rug hanging to dry. They dry 24 hours. He told me tomorrow it would be full.

Hanging-Carpet-DryingHere is the place you bring your rugs. They will carry them out of your car which is nice. And load them when they are ready.

North-Side-Carpet-Cleaning-CompanyClean-Rugs-Ready-in-Will-CallThe front of the building I captured as I left. North Side Carpet Cleaning Company has coupons to print out on their website. Joe told me my mother’s rugs “cleaned up nice!”