It Started with an Elvis Clock and 3 Latch Hook Rugs

I went to the North Side Carpet Cleaning Company to pick up the latch hook rugs my mother made years ago. After I paid the bill and Joe put them into the car I saw the giant Elvis photo on the wall of the office and then realized there was a clock in the left upper corner. He said they got it when they visited Graceland years ago. His wife is the fan! I asked him if it would be okay to photograph it for the blog. He graciously agreed. Elvis-Clock-Graceland

And once I was in the office and shooting Elvis without a reflection from the window, I saw the black and white historical photograph of the first chain driven truck on the North Side.


Then check out this office machine sitting in front of the window. A Paymaster Ribbon Writer to imprint checks.

Office-MachineThen I got a tour of the room where the rugs are cleaned and I saw the 1952 MIRZA (made the same year I was born)

1952-Mirza-Rug-Cleaning-MachineRug-Cleaning-MachineAnd he pointed out the hole in the ceiling where I could see a rug hanging to dry. They dry 24 hours. He told me tomorrow it would be full.

Hanging-Carpet-DryingHere is the place you bring your rugs. They will carry them out of your car which is nice. And load them when they are ready.

North-Side-Carpet-Cleaning-CompanyClean-Rugs-Ready-in-Will-CallThe front of the building I captured as I left. North Side Carpet Cleaning Company has coupons to print out on their website. Joe told me my mother’s rugs “cleaned up nice!”



10 thoughts on “It Started with an Elvis Clock and 3 Latch Hook Rugs

  1. Ruth – I really enjoy seeing your photos. I enjoy all of your photos, but the ones of Pittsburgh are really nostalgic. And today’s photos are even more so because they are photos taken on the North Side. (The correct pronunciation is “Nor-side.”) I’ve lived in California for almost 40 years, but I was born and raised on the North Side of Pittsburgh. In fact, Constance Street is close to Allegheny General Hospital where I was born, and it is also close to where St. Cyprian’s Church used to be. That’s the church my family attended. That was the big Polish church near Sears that was torn down when Allegheny Center was built. Thanks!
    – Ken Klucsor
    Sunnyvale, California

  2. Enjoyed this series; especially the shot of the carpet hanging from the ceiling. Something to be said about old school technology!

  3. What a great series of pictures! I wish I had rugs like that if only to take them there for cleaning.

  4. Hi Ruth, as always i enjoy the pictures,and the little story behind it. also liked ken’s comments… place like home.

  5. Loved the pictures today! I was born in ’49 so remember things like the ancient check-writing machine! I also loved hooking rugs back in the ’60’s. I know you can still buy the kits here at Hobby Lobby. Don’t know if you have that chain in PA. People around here flock to them to find everything for all of their hobbies!

  6. Loved the pictures and the story. I heard of this place and now I know exactly where it is.

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