Fall Colors Along the National Road- Route 40

When  I was a kid we piled in the car in NJ and drove to Illinois every summer.  This is the route we took.

I drove it home to Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago on my way back from Columbus.

Route 40 The National Road.  I pulled over to catch the autumn hues in the background hills along the way.

There were interesting and quirky scenes but this is the one that stayed with me for the time since I drove along this highway instead of the interstate.

Incongruent Architecture Styles and a Skirmish

Incongruent architecture styles side by side. Old schoolhouse or church next to a new double-wide. Old Washington Ohio along Route 70. The Historical Marker at the side of the road said it was the site of a skirmish with General John H Morgan’s Confederate Raiders. How many signs have the word “skirmish” in them? I read there are three confederates buried in the cemetery. Population (last census) of Old Washington 265. Why the fire hydrant right next to the historical marker? Scroll down for second image.

Old Schoolhouse next to a DoubleWide Trailer Old Washington Ohio
Why right next to the scenic structure?