Species-Specific Nests Made in Twisp WA

We walked down from the center of town to TwispWorks (in Twisp, Washington) today.  A nice woman in the Office/Art and Craft Supply Store recommended we walk down and see a native garden and check out some of the artists’ studios. More on that tomorrow….

One of the workshops, Nice Nests was open and Patrick Hannigan was working on building species-specific nests, using salvaged scrap wood.

I bought a Swallows Nest that had a purple edge, signifying the color of a lilac bush on a homestead in Carlton. The homestead is gone, but the lilac bush thrives, he told me.

My sister-in-law Carolee feeds a lot of birds and I wanted to get a nice hostess gift for her.

The rust color represents a certain lichen found on the trees in the area.  All the colors represent native plants in the region.


Meet Patrick, owner of Nice Nests and creator of all the species specific nests

“Installation/consultation services available. I work with private landowners, land conservation organizations and public agencies to create, enhance and preserve critical breeding habitat for native cavity-nesting birds.” from website


Be sure to click here to read an article about how Patrick began his business

Nice Nests: Not Just for the Birds

by Ashley Lodato
Methow Arts staff writer


Click the photo to see the features, there is also drainage at the bottom. He’ll build you a custom nest for your needs.  the one above is the one I chose.

Swallows and bluebirds nests-  There are nests for owls, and chickadees and many other types of birds, large and small.

Swallows and bluebirds nests

IMG_0824A giant nest for a Kestrel



IMG_0831Flying Squirrel Nests


The tiny ornament nests are made by Patrick’s daughter, Posey

IMG_0830The tools of the builder of Nice Nests

$10.95 Sirloin Steak Special and Wildfire Haze (3 images)

First stop coffee and breakfast rolls at Cinnamon Twisp Bakery, then Methow Valley Chamber Music Festival Barn where we heard world class musicians open rehearsal. We drove to Twisp and Winthrop then on to the North Cascades Goat Mountain.  We hiked a steep trail to see mountains in haze from wildfires in British Columbia.  No guardrails on the narrow gravel road that wound up the mountain.  Made it back to Malott in time for the Friday night Sirloin Steak Specials(that’s Caesar Salad & Garlic Bread & Baked Potato) August 7th plan- Farmer’s Market, call La for her bday! 

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