How City Students Walk to School in the Snow -View from the Bottom/View from the Top

Some Ft.Pitt Elementary students have to climb these city steps up the hill to school. The blue sign says Rosetta Street.  When I got to school, I could see two city trucks and  a crew clearing the steps for the children to walk.  I thought their efforts should be documented. The unsung heroes of the storm.  What a lot of snow to shovel.  The clock tower peeking through the trees is where I teach on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Photographed  Tuesday Feb. 16, 2010

City Crew Clearing the Steps for the Students on Tuesday
City Steps to Ft PItt- View from the bottom.City Crew Shoveling the Steps so Students Can Walk to School

4 thoughts on “How City Students Walk to School in the Snow -View from the Bottom/View from the Top

  1. Ohmygosh, Ruth. Photography is such an interesting form! It has taken me at least 10-15 minutes to convince myself that Photo #1 is a View from the Top, looking Down the Steps!! Even the railings COULD be ascending! And I thought I was looking up at the men, at least at first! I wonder how many times these Steps have had to be shoveled since february 5th????? Not as many as my own, I hope!!! 🙂

  2. Yipes. Thank you to those “unsung heroes”! I’ve been walking in my neighborhood (Squirrel Hill) every day. Many sidewalks haven’t been shoveled in two weeks and are very very difficult–you have to navigate a narrow path beaten by earlier passersby, and their footsteps leave an uneven and sometimes slippery surface (way higher than the street). I think the city should send people (they can be people who want to make some money) to shovel these walks, and bill the householders. A city official explained why fines have been suspended–senior citizens might try to shovel their walks; people might shovel the snow out into the street. Reflects the fact that they think of drivers, not of walkers.

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