Mill on the Monongahela at Night

If you had to guess what year this photo was taken, you could pick many previous decades.  Saturday night (3-6-2010) the active smokestacks and lights shone through the bare trees.  I was winding down Vistaview Street, West Mifflin. I’ve heard lots of stories about the men in friends’ families who all worked in the mills. I plan to go back with a tripod some night.

Pittsburgh Steel Mill at Night
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12 thoughts on “Mill on the Monongahela at Night

  1. I grew up in Brookfield, Oh- just across the tracks from Sharon, PA and this was our communities bread and butter. Those hard working dads were ( this was before women had access to these jobs) happy and proud to have those factory jobs. These jobs and our dedicated parents insured that their kids had the opportunity to attempt college. . They really were the greatest generation- always doing what it took to provide their kids with a better future.

  2. This is the Pittsburgh I grew up in…tough people back then. I totally agree with Connie’s comments. Several of my uncles worked in those mills and were darn proud of it.

  3. I have seen those mills in daylight, but did not realize they still run!! I will have to show this to my third graders when we get to the chapter “Steel City” in our study of Pittsburgh! Very cool!

  4. This photo is awesome…..although, since I have never been to Pittsburgh, I wasn’t really sure what I was looking at,……until I
    read all the Comments. Reminds me of one of my favourite songs “Allentown.” Thanks, Ruthie

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