Watch Your Lettuce!

Steve and I picked up Dorothy to go to her daughter’s for dinner. As she got in the car, the rabbit hopped across her front lawn to her tulips. She’s planted lettuce in the back garden.  It was late in the day, the light coming from the side. When I see a rabbit I think of Watership Down(click link for more info).  I liked the book but not the movie.

Rabbit in the front yard by the tulips.
Looks like a postcard for Spring!

8 thoughts on “Watch Your Lettuce!

  1. Yes, I was happy that you were able to capture the bunny among some new flowers as well as some that survied winter. Thanks to your being ever ready with your camera we get to keep images we might not see or just have a glimpse of.


  2. Perfect spring picture!
    Just saw the world’s largest rabbit on The Today Show – think it was four feet, three inches! It could do some damage to a garden!


  3. how beautiful to open this at work on lunch! the eye moves all around the photo – the relaxed tulips opening, the burgundy buds against the white stucco wall. the wild markings on the rabbit’s fur and his eye regarding you. everything in me softens, my shoulders less stiff and i will take a walk in the sunshine and go back to work again. bless you dear ruth for the restful sojourn. you open our eyes and teach us to pause.


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