1984- Moment in Motherhood/Childhood

Grafenwoehr Germany. Under the kitchen sink!  One of my favorite photos of Mark, Matthew and Laura.  Everyone laughing, having  a good time. (Mark’s own children are about their ages now).How they decided to get in the cupboard I don’t know but looking at this picture always makes me happy. Scanner not working so photographed the photo.

Who makes me a mom?
Looks like an oven rack or a cooling rack in Matthew's hands. Laughing under the sink.

14 thoughts on “1984- Moment in Motherhood/Childhood

  1. Spontaneous, unbridled laughter! This is the perfect Mother’s Day photo. Thanks for posting it today.

  2. Priceless Ruth. The family you have raised, the children you have and the art you share. Truly priceless. Happy Mother’s Day.

  3. I remember those kids too. Wondered if it was taken in Graf or if Laura was smaller in Graf. You brought back some great memories. Have lots of happy thoughts this day!! Kids are great!

  4. Graf……where I met you, my friend. I remember the kids exactly like this!.
    We made the BEST memories in Graf! You, Joanne, MaryAnne and me!
    Thanks for the memory, Ruthie!

  5. this is better as a photo of a photo than as a scan! great blog, ruth! (from julia, jack and tookie’s niece)

  6. I love how kids minds work. (Or fail to “work”, I’m some instances.) So fun!

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