“Walking to the Sky”-Borofsky Sculpture at CMU

Weighs 7 tons!  Press release says it’s controversial.  It is almost four years to the day the release was issued. Stopped at the red light on Forbes, the corner of Morewood.  Saw the tapes around a figure looking up and realized it was part of the sculpture.  Jonathan Borofsky graduated from CMU in ’64.  Looking at it cheers me.  Not everyone feels that way. Or at least they didn’t when it was first installed. And thinking about it and other art installations that stir controversy, I went to look it up.  Great topic and list — “controversial public art installations” (click here)for other art that created a response.

Public art catches the eye! Entertains. Annoys. Delights.

2 thoughts on ““Walking to the Sky”-Borofsky Sculpture at CMU

  1. i remember the first time i saw it – i was stunned and not in a negative way – i still smile when i drive by – i think it entertains

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