Headed for the Big Drop

After photographing family in West Mifflin Sunday afternoon, I drove a couple blocks to the Free Parking lot at Kennywood. Sat in the car with the 70-200 lens and watched a few loads of Phantom’s Revenge Riders speed by at different angles. It would be a long two minutes and fifteen seconds for me.  People love the thrill of roller coaster rides.  How about Rob and Bradley in Illinois going from park to park on tour?  Will fill you in on their stats when I receive them.   A new coaster is going to be on the site of the Turnpike Ride (my speed) and the numbers they tout are zero to fifty in three seconds, 90 degree drop. Any mention of G force and I am opting out!  WOW.

Phantom's Revenge Roller Coaster at Kennywood Park West Mifflin PA
Sunday early evening roller coaster ride.

10 thoughts on “Headed for the Big Drop

  1. That’s sad. My uncle built the turnpike ride. But coasters are fun. Great picture!

  2. It’s hard for me to view the roller coaster rides. I guess I remember them from 75 years ago when our Munhall School picnic was at Kennywood Park.

  3. Is the Rocking Boat/Noah’s Ark still near the entrance to Kennywook? I remember swimming at the pool there also but I think it is gone now. This is a steel coaster and is nothing like the wooden coasters I remember.

  4. Why are they getting rid of the turnpike!?? Anna wants to know if you’ll ride that ride with her someday?

  5. Kennywood – fun for all ages! So many memories! There is a drawing to get the chance to be one of the first to ride the new roller coaster – think it opens in a week or so!!!

  6. Cant wait to go this year, they put a new ride in where the turnpike was…we will see how good it is..its a new roller coaster.

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