Evening Light on a White Shirt and Green Rail

You notice the light on the object and how it’s reflected off the object, too.  This is the photo just before yesterday’s post- “real time” and yet the approach to the top, ready to drop, looked like a stronger moment. I put myself on assignment, studying the movement, the mood and the composition- all in a few blinks. I liked this one for the light.

Phantom's Revenge Roller Coaster Kennywood
Enough light to get it without a lot of blur. Although a bit of blur might make one queasy.

5 thoughts on “Evening Light on a White Shirt and Green Rail

  1. End of the school year, light at the end of the tunnel (as well as on the green rail and the white shirt), soaring down from a slow climb – good time!!!! Well – not the cleaning up the rooms in the heat part!!!!!!!

  2. This one captures both kids and summer, doesn’t it? Congrats on making through another year Ruth!

  3. This is a cool picture. Oh what a ride it has been. But you made it Ruth! We all did- only to live and laugh another day.

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