Annual Crayon Peel and “Art Room Ritual” Poem

Soak the broken crayons in warm water and the papers peel right off!

About 5 years ago, my friend Lara  E. framed the poem in the newspaper, adding the crayon paper peelings around it. Last night at my final video class I scanned it and uploaded it to the blog while I waited for the screening to start.  This years crop yielded lots of crayons. The most whole crayons at the end of the year are violet ones.

15 thoughts on “Annual Crayon Peel and “Art Room Ritual” Poem

  1. All those bright colors – more muted on the follow up with the poem — so pretty!!! Neat picture!! Makes me think about my first coloring books and crayons. It was my mother’s way to outline the picture on the page first, and then fill in the color. We would each color a page and discuss favorite colors. Kids didn’t have a ton of toys in those days (I was born in 43) – so crayons were a big deal!!!

  2. Cool Picture! I recently relocated to Michigan from New Hampshire. I was trying to decide what to toss out and what to keep. I found a drawer full of broken crayons just like your picture (mine with wrappers still attached). It was an obvious choice…but I packed them up and brought them with me anyway!

  3. I love the pictures..they remind me of my childhood! I still love the smell of fresh crayons too.

  4. The scent of a new box of crayons makes me think of the first day of school and lazy Saturdays with a coloring book. I was the one who always colored in the lines. 🙂

  5. When I taught Kindergarten, I used to melt the last little bits of crayons into blocks (not to the point where the colors mixed) and when they were solid again, they were rainbow crayons! The kids loved them!

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