Central Park Sailboats and Unauthorized Craft

From the archives.  Boats with a motor not allowed.  Took this when visiting my sister last Spring. Reminds me of Stuart Little.  It’s relaxing to watch the toy sailboats and the people who pilot them, the rental guy who retrieves them with a line. The motorized, remote control naval ship was zipping around between the peaceful sailboats.

New York City Central Park Sailboats
Find the remote control craft disturbing the peace.

7 thoughts on “Central Park Sailboats and Unauthorized Craft

  1. What’s the little blue invader doing there?
    Makes me want to go to lunch at The Boathouse in the Park on a nice day!!

  2. Thanks for the calmness today Ruth. We all need it. I think the “remote control craft disturbing the peace” is reflective of many of our days. What we must remember is which is larger, a small disruption or the overwhelming tranquility that can be found in our world. Have a good day.

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