What the ____?

Steve sees an artcar up close and in person for the first time
Upon exiting the High Road Gallery in Worthington OH, this artcar was parked under a tree. I totally missed it if it was there as we entered. We were going to see James' Missed the Bus photograph (which was awarded Honorable Mention)

8 thoughts on “What the ____?

  1. This is what you do to an old car that needs a paint job and you can’t afford it! (just kidding…someone obviously is very creative)

  2. Do you think the driver is an attention-seeker, maybe?? I love this photo! And I love that Steve is in it! Look at his expression! Like what he’s seeing just doesn’t make sense, and he’s trying to wrap his head around it! It’s brilliant!

  3. This is Ramona Moon’s Motley Malibu, one of several artcars she drives. yes they are glued, yes it runs. While an artcar certainly arttracts attention, many artcar artists enjoy the idea of giving something fun and suprising to the driving public, showing them attention, rather than the other way around. It is wonderful to make people smile and talk to one another without doing anything but going about your daily commute!

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