The Mailbox- Decorated by Anna

Sun dropping in the sky, we’d just come from another cookout. Anna asked if I’s take her picture with the mailbox. This was taken just before the sparklers in the backyard, posted yesterday.  Tonight is the  last night in Columbus with the family.  It’s been a happy vacation.

Anna and the 4th of July mailbox she decorated with Grandma Marlene.

5 thoughts on “The Mailbox- Decorated by Anna

  1. Anna decided on a very original pose with the mailbox!
    Hmmmmm, creativity definitely runs in the family!

    By the way, love the photo, your girls would have “matched”Ava and Lucy on the 4th.

  2. thanks for sharing your family and vacation ….. I took a photo of my Uncle’s mailbox, with his address, and mail-box flag lowered as he leaves his home of 50 years …..very iconic, flag – dresses and mailboxes! 🙂

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