Bowl of Cherries on the Front Porch

Summer heat as intense as the winter’s snow. Rain this afternoon. Sitting on the front porch and listening and watching it rain without getting wet.  Used a new white pasta bowl V gave me for my bday.  The ripe sweet fruit.  The hammock where the naps are especially restful. Love summer! See a small oil by Picasso with a bowl of cherries click here.

The ripe cherries are really juicy and sweet this year.

8 thoughts on “Bowl of Cherries on the Front Porch

  1. Cherries are almost $5 a pound in Kalamazoo. Maybe I could just reach into the picture and help myself to a handful. please? Nice picture, Ruthie, now I am hungry!

  2. I love the sound of rain falling on a porch roof. I think it is the most restful sounds. Enjoy for me as we have a deck!

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