Cooking Five Omelettes at One Time

UCONN-Rome dining hall Grillmeister cooking five omelettes simultaneously, while the fillings heat up under the small paper plates we’d each handed him with our filling choices.  His cooking skill was something to watch.  We had waited all week to get in the omelette line and today was the day.  Well worth the short wait. Back to oatmeal tomorrow before we leave.

Watching the grillmeister perform a synchopated omelette making.
You should have seen him twirl the spatula!

3 thoughts on “Cooking Five Omelettes at One Time

  1. and I think you are an artist – omelet king – now he’s an artist – welcome home ruth E

  2. As you have posted breakfast photos, Rick Seebak’s “Best Breakfast Restaurants” has been playing regularly, alternating with a few others!Maybe I’ll have 3 breakfasts a day!! 🙂

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