The Woodwinds- Waiting for Planes to Return Home (2 views)

Confratute at UCONN completed and we went to catch our plane to Cleveland, in route to Pittsburgh.  At the Bradley Airport, Hartford CT, a circle of students (who had just completed ARIA International  Summer Academy at Mt. Holyoke college) caught my ear, first!  Then my eye. Clearly skilled!   I asked if I could photograph them for the blog even though our plane was starting to board.  A lovely unexpected performance.  Sitting in airports can be tedious but not today. Thinking about how live music enhances emotion. Touches us. Turns out I had just missed their rendition of Star Wars. Bummer. They were all headed different directions. Teachers would check the comment box, “uses time wisely”.

Check out the bass clarinet! WOW.

Cooking Five Omelettes at One Time

UCONN-Rome dining hall Grillmeister cooking five omelettes simultaneously, while the fillings heat up under the small paper plates we’d each handed him with our filling choices.  His cooking skill was something to watch.  We had waited all week to get in the omelette line and today was the day.  Well worth the short wait. Back to oatmeal tomorrow before we leave.

Watching the grillmeister perform a synchopated omelette making.
You should have seen him twirl the spatula!

Airborne Skateboarder at UCONN

Coming back from the Co-op Bookstore, I saw three young men testing their skills on some stairs.  I watched a few jumps and then asked permission to photograph and post.  Landing on  a concrete sidewalk, even on the board, did not look inviting to me but they kept at it to improve technique.  Very cool to watch up close.  Way cool skateboarder jumping off stairs after a running start.Today’s post marks the one year blogiversary for my blog.

I went back and realized on my first post I did not insert a photograph!