2 Dr Chevrolet Coupe, c.1947? (2 views)

Went online to try to match the car model, noticing the details like how the headlights are placed.  I took this at the red light at Howley St and Friendship Ave.  Drove around the block and got the side view, too. A real beauty.  Historic, vintage, restored cars like this one evoke childhood memories of the gray Dodge Wayfarer we had in Montclair NJ. This one the  color of whipped butter. Polished. Parked on the street, just waiting as me I drove home from Greenway School where we had training today. What a car! Scroll down for second view.

The owner must love driving this beautiful car.
What a surprise to find this historic vehicle on the way home from school. The car looks like it is smiling.

7 thoughts on “2 Dr Chevrolet Coupe, c.1947? (2 views)

  1. I come from a family of car lovers. My brother has a lovely 1956 Lincoln convertible that was feature on the cover of Hemmings magazine. Today you cant tell the difference between a Kia and BMW.

  2. I’m so old that I wish we could all actually go back to living the life we had in those days. There’s a lot to be said for that time period.

  3. Ruth, love the side view mirror shot. Interesting perspective…it’s like looking through the mirror into the past!

  4. Gorgeous- the “Beatle” of its day!
    Love the location of the gas tank [if that IS the gas tank?]and it looks as if it’s been polished like the hubcaps and fenders!!!

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