Quad Cities Halloween House

Mary and I ate dinner along the Mississipi River at the Boat House in Davenport.  Char grilled catfish filets. Our hotel overlooks the river in Bettendorf. A huge riverboat transformed into a casino.We’re in Iowa to celebrate our first cousin’s daughter’s wedding tomorrow.  Driving along River Road we saw this home decked out for Halloween. The photo doesn’t capture it sufficiently. I couldn’t have answered what the Quad Cities were before today.Moline IL East Moline IL Rock Island IL and Davenport IA


Large carved pumpkins lit the stairs.


8 thoughts on “Quad Cities Halloween House

  1. Beautiful picture – I love the lights. Hesh and I were in Davenport and I did lay down ten dollars at that casino. Have a great time!


  2. Just imagine how long it took to put up all those lights. I wonder when they begin unpacking their Christmas


  3. Love those cats in the top windows – first I thought they were bats!!
    Enjoy the family wedding! maybe you are the photographer??? Hello to Mary!


  4. I drove past a home in New Albany, Indiana last night and it was elaborately decorated, too. You can bet that Christmas at their houses will be special, too!


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