My Sister Found the Two-Tone Cadillac

Driving to the Sunday Brunch at the groom’s parents’ home, we’d checked out of the hotel.  We were sitting at a red light.  Mary handed me the camera but I told her maybe the credits should read- photo by Ruth Hendricks with assist by Mary Hendricks.  Wouldn’t have gotten it without her! We had a wonderful wedding celebration in the Quad Cities and were sad to say so long.

Bettendorf Iowa- classic scene with vintage cafr
Anyone know the year for this model?

Quad Cities Cuisine-Magic Mountain @ Ross’, Sundaes @ Lagomarcino’s, Catfish Filets @ the Boat House

We took  almost all the Bride and Groom’s suggestions for “Eats” in the Quad Cities.   What is a Magic Mountain? Hamburger meat on Texas toast and fries, cheese sauce and “snow” chopped onion.  Our server Lissa at Ross’ 24 Hour Restaurant  had the chef make us one even though we had eaten breakfast, just so I could photograph it! A nice couple reading a map struck up conversation- they were from Chambourg IL.   Photographed the 2 pound cinnamon roll first. Mary had corned beef hash and farm fresh eggs. We had ice cream sundaes for lunch in Moline Il at Lagomarcino’s Soda Fountain.  And Friday night we ate on the patio overlooking the Mississippi River at the Boat House Restaurant- catfish filets and some Pale Ale local beer. A freight train rolled by and I photographed the cars.  We drove over the river before the wedding and saw the John Deere Pavilion in Moline.

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Quad Cities Halloween House

Mary and I ate dinner along the Mississipi River at the Boat House in Davenport.  Char grilled catfish filets. Our hotel overlooks the river in Bettendorf. A huge riverboat transformed into a casino.We’re in Iowa to celebrate our first cousin’s daughter’s wedding tomorrow.  Driving along River Road we saw this home decked out for Halloween. The photo doesn’t capture it sufficiently. I couldn’t have answered what the Quad Cities were before today.Moline IL East Moline IL Rock Island IL and Davenport IA


Large carved pumpkins lit the stairs.