Shoestore Established 1854

Wagner’s Shoes in Lawrenceville.  I bought discontinued Dansko clogs on sale.  You know how I like to live in them all the time. Seems most shoe salespeople in shoestores disappear into the back and magically reappear with boxes. Here you can see the storeroom with the stacks of shoe boxes, right there.  A tin ceiling way high.  First time to shop in Wagner’s.  The storefront has stained glass above the awning. Great service.  4313 Butler St    (412) 682-2759. Scroll down for exterior view.

Check out the newspaper clippings.
Butler Street Lawrenceville

5 thoughts on “Shoestore Established 1854

  1. I went to the mall on Sunday because I had a gift card for Macy’s. I just dont go to malls very much anymore so I loved the idea of a store owned by individuals
    …what a concept!

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