Book Club Held During Power Outage

It was all candles.  Candles on the mantel, the table, the desk in the hall.  It was very dark. I thought all of us looked great by candlelight.  We discussed The Help and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The power was off for about two hours.  Fortunately the night before I baked a Gateau di Sirop (recipe)with a bottle of Steen’s Cane  Syrup. Baked Split Second Cookies with Bon Maman Fig Jam.  Extra sharp cheddar and Honeycrisp apple slices.  And Tess and Chris brought me a box of St. Moritz truffles from Oxford Centre downtown. Lovely.  A gold box with an oval window in the middle.  There’s a spider and a tiny dancer one and a pumpkin one and each one is delicately embellished.  Just before everyone arrived, Laura had sent a picture on my phone of a lovely ring on a finger.  Then she called. James Weaver asked her to marry him and she said YES. It was a happy night!

Tess told me every flavor and I promptly forgot almost all of them. Going to have to eat each one and be surprised,

11 thoughts on “Book Club Held During Power Outage

  1. Sorry about the storm hitting on your Book Club night. Not sorry to hear about the engagement! Mother of the Bride will suit you well, Ruth!

  2. OMGosh!!! FOOD and LOVE. Is there really anything else?????????
    Congratulations Laura!!!!
    Love, Erica

    Candles, rings and conversations are nice too!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Congrats Ruth. You have such great Karma! And I’m sorry to have missed the fun at the book club at your fabulous home!

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