Silvery Skyline

Can someone explain the building the jail (the four red brick structures) on the Monongahela River Front?

Riverfront Jail Makes No Sense to Me
Arlington Avenue view of the city on the way home from school.

5 thoughts on “Silvery Skyline

  1. Great shot. I can describe it and define it, but no one in their right mind can explain why it was built on that site—I suspect the planning committee had a collective neurosis that propmted them to take that beautiful piece of landscape and erect an ugly prison structure. The irony, of course, is that if a condo went up instead, the prices would be out of sight on that site! This way the prisoners get free lodging on our tax base. This is justice in America??? Only in Pittsburgh!!!!!
    Thanks and love, Lois

  2. This is the view from my house. No, I cannot explain builiding the jail on such prime real estate and then not putting in windows that can be looked out of…all the windows are high above the heads of the inmates.

  3. Lucky prisoners! I remember the old jail house and the bridge connecting it to the court house.

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