Inflatables to the nth Power + Reflections on the Car = ?

A math problem with no answer.  It could take years to calculate.  At Thanksgiving we saw a yard with 31 inflatables but they were all deflated in the daylight, it just isn’t the same effect.  Joan B found this house for me, too.

And I spoke to the owner and she said her husband had been ill and they had really scaled down this year (2008).  Pre-blog  I realize I have been at this for a time now. Shot on the  Northside.

What can the electricity bill be this month?

5 thoughts on “Inflatables to the nth Power + Reflections on the Car = ?

  1. All’s well that ends well in the best sense of the words. Welcome home, Matthew.

    After the elecric bill, I wonder where they store all the decorations

  2. The first time I met Mathew he sat by your side at a SIT potluck and read a poem he had written for you. I remember thinking what a kind heart sweet young man you had raised. I am glad he is by your side again. Welcome home Mathew and Merry Christmas Ruth.

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