Filmstrip Projector Paired with a Record, I Can Hear the Sound to Advance the Frame

School.  Ditto machines and drinking in the smell of the purple sheets and filmstrip projectors. Who remembers?

Little canisters of filmstrips are still in cupboards. Ding!

17 thoughts on “Filmstrip Projector Paired with a Record, I Can Hear the Sound to Advance the Frame

  1. I loved the smell of those freshly made purple dittos. I used to think it smelled like bananas!

  2. Remember it well. Great memories. Always loved the day when the teacher would announce, “Today we have a film strip”.

  3. we had dittos at Sacred Heart. They were really up in the times. And kids called them dittos.

  4. I had the tell tale purple stains on my hands and the grocery cashier smiled as she asked, “Are you a teacher?”

  5. I remember showing filmstrips to my students. I remember one in particular that was about the real Dracula. His name was Vlad something and he enslaved his people. The kids loved it!

  6. I remember calling the ditto machines MIMEOGRAPH machines. And I can also hear the advance of the filmstrips. I am having flashes of a plaid jumper my mother made for me in grade school… Thanks Ruth… 🙂

  7. The purple fluid was also great for leaving a stain on your favorite sweater! Seems I was always the one to change the can, esp when I was at the end of a prep in a hurry.

  8. Your blogs are so interesting and special because of the variety of memories they arouse! Thanks so much, Ruth.

  9. We used a ditto machine at St. James, I remember how the papers always felt a little damp and the purple stain on my fingertips would never go away! That film strip machine is GREAT, it would be neat to try and use with our students, they would have lots of questions!

  10. My friend and I were just talking about filmstrips today and I couldn’t remember what they looked like…so she sent me to your page. Ahhh, now I remember. Also, we called the purple copies “mimeographs”…

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  12. One thing I remember that used to drive me nuts as a kid… None of the teachers we had seemed to know about the “frame adjustment” knob, consequently the “click” would always be mid-frame and they’d turn it back and forth, trying to manually line it up.

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