By the (Ominous) Dawn’s Early Light

On the way to school, a bus stops. Traffic stops. I take a photo of the scene. One streetlight on, one streetlight off.

A massive cloud–
a golden light
The school bus’s red lights
Everyone stops.
The dawn reflected
in street signs.

13 thoughts on “By the (Ominous) Dawn’s Early Light

  1. The looming clouds make this picture look almost surreal but very beautiful due to the colors and shapes.

  2. There’s black and gold in that shot.
    Gorgeous sky. Aren’t we lucky to have missed the snow, so far….

  3. Scrolling down, I liked the combo of your top gray City photo and the clouds of today’s photo — black and gold, too!!!

  4. thats such an amazing picture, its one of those “i wonder whats going on here”, pictures

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