Sign Says- “Retiring” ? HA!

Remember the vintage ironing board propped against the sycamore tree? Saw this sign today that the sycamore is slated for execution.  It has canker disease and the sign says it is dying.  I had a sister tree in front of my house and it’s been gone about 8 years.  A magnificent canopy.   This tree must be close to 100 years old. Our street used to be tree-lined.  The euphemisms of our language, like “putting a dog to sleep”?  When they say retiring they are cutting it down and turning it into wood chips or something.

9 thoughts on “Sign Says- “Retiring” ? HA!

  1. That is a beautiful speciman.I hate when trees are cut down. When they cut the giant oak in my neighbor’s yard I was not home.So glad, becauase I would have cried.I have such an affinity for trees.

  2. My street in SHADYside was tree-lined …. my block has seen tree after tree “be retired” in favor of garages / driveways ….. the sycamores left probably should be taken down ….they have no ressemblance to a tree anymore …. they have been so hacked (trimmed) for the freedom of our electric wires …. those yellow trucks who will soon be SPRINGing into activity …. SHADYside is becoming an oxymoron …..providing less oxy-gen! and relief from the summer sun. I do not have AC and am so glad to get home on warm days where it is cooler in my house with the help of several small trees (and a fan!)

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