Chainsaw Artist Transforms Trees into Art

Bridgeport, Washington is a small town on the Columbia River, near  Chief Joseph Dam.  The town’s old sycamore trees, which lined the main street, were in sad shape but instead of being cut down, chainsaw artist Jacob Lucas has transformed them into incredible sculptures.


(And by the way he does custom orders if you have a tree stump in need of being transformed.)

Salmon, quail, wolves, cougars, bear, the logging industry, deer, farming, pelicans, beavers, dragonfly, bees and honeycomb, eagles and other native species are a few of the themes of the tree sculptures.

See an owl swoop down to catch  jackrabbit below.




To get an idea of the scaleIMG_2712















I Used to Live on a Tree Lined Street

Lucille tells me farmer wisdom says “You have to have a really good reason to cut down a tree.” More than 100 years old and felled in less than two hours.  I thought about avoiding the stump, the empty space.  But I felt it important to pay my respects. The “Gentle Giant” has retired all right.  (click to see the tree before the removal) Chopped up in the chipper in no time flat.  A sad day for Heberton Street.  A loss of shade, beauty and grace.  A life. Another living thing, come to the end of its life. With help from the tree men, the city and the diagnosis of canker.  Beth reminds me that we all become soil or dust.  It is part of the cycle of life.  Here was my reminder today.


My friend T says the only guarantee is change.
And lots of it.
Takes time to familiarize oneself
to the constant in our lives.
Maybe as I get older
it’s harder to accept?
Or I notice an increase in the amount.
Steve knows about planetary motion.
Explained how fast we are traveling
each second
as earth rotates and orbits around the sun.

Ouch. Just makes me sad.

Sign Says- “Retiring” ? HA!

Remember the vintage ironing board propped against the sycamore tree? Saw this sign today that the sycamore is slated for execution.  It has canker disease and the sign says it is dying.  I had a sister tree in front of my house and it’s been gone about 8 years.  A magnificent canopy.   This tree must be close to 100 years old. Our street used to be tree-lined.  The euphemisms of our language, like “putting a dog to sleep”?  When they say retiring they are cutting it down and turning it into wood chips or something.