100 Year Old Tree Stump Chewed to Mulch

The sycamore’s stump was ground up into mulch yesterday. I saw the equipment in the street but when I got my camera it had pulled away.   Even the pile of mulch has been removed as of today.  As Beth says it’s the cycle of life.  The follow up to I Used to Live on a Tree-Lined Street post.

An abundance of green. Lots of rainy days lately.

7 thoughts on “100 Year Old Tree Stump Chewed to Mulch

  1. This is all that remains of that once magnificent tree-little shards. Makes you think about life!

  2. We’ve had over 13 inches of rain here in Indiana since the middle of April. I think we must have sent it your way to make everything so green. It sure is green here and everyone is excited about the Derby this weekend!

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