Did You Ever Have a Bread Box?

Or watch a TV game show where they had to ask “Is it bigger than a bread box?”  Use a bread box as a gauge. I walked in the kitchen and the afternoon sun came in a spotlight onto the bread box, created some reflection and looked like there was an electric light inside the box.  That is a loaf of Left Coast Sourdough by Allegro Hearth purchased at the Bryant Street Market and a package of hot dog buns for our non-cookout we are scheduling.  98 degrees in the shade here today.chrome-bread-box

10 thoughts on “Did You Ever Have a Bread Box?

  1. Amazing – the way you perfectly captured the light! Neat picture!!
    We keep bread in a Longaberger Basket that Melissa bought us quite a while ago. It sits on the counter. We always have bread in the freezer, as well.
    Wonder if “the bigger than a bread box” clue would work today?

  2. Always had a breadbox in my childhood home. We now keep our bread in the fridge, although we inherited a beautiful wooden one from Jim’s mom. We also still have a bread drawer, but keep the kitchen lines in it now.

  3. My microwave serves as an excellent bread box. Except when I want to microwave something.

  4. My mom has one in the cellar that we used.It will become mine and I will actually use it. It’s a 2 decker, made of metal, with red flowers on it.

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