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Ellie the Chihuahua. Up on Uncle Frank and Aunt Linda’s porch. She was watching that 1933 Plymouth pull out of the garage, too. Erika’s Aunt Georgeann has a new Chihuahua, about a year old. Rescued from somewhere out west.  I thought the capture of light on the fur was especially nice.  Thanks Ellie. Aunt Theresa calls her Ellie Mae.  She seemed to enjoy all the attention.

So many varieties of dogs.  People enjoy big dogs, little dogs, fluffy dogs, short and  long dogs, short hair and long hair.  Pugs, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, Boxers, Collies, Setters, Airedales, Italian Greyhounds, Schnauzers, Terriers, all sorts of Doodles, Retrievers and  Labs-  there are some fancy named dogs I can’t even spell.  Plus all the dogs who do service and work for and with humans.  Companions.

Some people aren’t into dogs at all.     Allergies.

Some prefer a cat.          More allergies.

Some people are afraid of dogs.   Some dogs,  you should be afraid!

Some people prefer no pet at all.     The very idea of  “pet dirt” makes them cringe.

But lots of people LOVE (and I mean LOVE) their dogs.

My co-worker Bonnie is partial to chihuahuas and my Illinois cousins and also my  friends J and M love their dachshunds- long or short hair.  From generation to generation some families have the same breed of dog.  But some dogs come from the shelter or the pound or are lost and found, no particular papers or pedigree but much loved by those who rescue them.  Another lucky dog today!

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Chihuahua Dog
Different Families Have Breeds They Prefer

10 thoughts on “Blog Gone to the Dogs Today

  1. I’m a chihauhau lover! I have siblings, Bella and Biagio, otherwise known as cute and cuter! They are not the easiest dogs to get along wth others, but once people understand them, they love them forever! Adorable pic!

  2. I’m adding corgis to the list!
    The dog in the photo is about make a comment … actually she IS speaking 🙂
    Ruth: this new comment box – I cannot see what I am typing – black on blact —is there a way to return to the WHITE comment box?

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