What My Dad Gave Me in 1986

There was a time when we lived in Kentucky and the kids were young,  I used this Kitchen-Aid stand mixer almost everyday. It still works perfectly. I wanted this mixer so badly when we returned after living in Germany for 3 years. I don’t remember any color choice except white or off-white/almond?  A couple of years ago I asked for a new beater as the old one’s coating had started to peel.  The dough hook, the whisk like beater beats egg whites to stand in peaks in short order.  All so useful and good.    Laura was just turning three when he got it and now she’ll be 27 in a couple of months. I used to ask each child what kind of cake they wanted for their birthday.  That year Laura asked for a “Piggy Cake” although I am not sure why. Mark asked for a State of Kentucky cake and Matthew a GI-Joe cake. Good thing  my friend J and I took a class in Cake Decorating in Grafenwoehr!

I was thinking about what to post for Father’s Day this year to remember my dad. This gift from him has mixed a lot of cake batter and bread dough in our house.  Last year I posted a slideshow of my dad’s life in a minute.  This year I’m posting a photo of his generous present that’s been well used and appreciated.

He’s been gone almost nine years.  Missing him everyday, not just today. What special things remind you of your father?

So many possibilities.....

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  1. I remember your wonderful father. The kindness he shared even with his smile is a fond memory for me. Some of the things that always remind me of my father are some of the tools he gave me throughout the years. Just a couple of days ago Mary needed some curtains hung and I had to cut a small block of wood for the curtain rod to be placed right around the window trim. I purposely pulled out “an antique” ruler
    that was my grandfather’s and a t-square that my father gave me. As I measured and cut the wood with these “special” tools, fond memories of both of them filled my mind and brought a smile to my face. Yes, I have newer tools that would have done the job but thinking of all the times they measured and cut with these “special tools” over the years made the job much more satisfying and much more enjoyable hanging the curtains. Thanks for letting me share these wonderful memories.

  2. Ruth, OK, first, we have the same beloved Kitchen Aid mixer and I love mine as well. It works as well today as it did when I got it….many years ago. And I too, had to have it.
    I miss my Father everyday. He has been gone for 24 years, that seems impossible. Specifically, hearing some of his favorite hymns in church still make me tear up. But today I will make it a special day for one of the BEST Fathers I know, my husband.

  3. I miss helping him in his workshop, cheering together at Bucco games and Duquesne basketball games and I miss his unwavering love.

  4. Ruth, I will never forget the love and caring of your father when he came to our house in Virginia and blessed our little girl right before she died on February 28, 1986. My ex-husband is still a good father to our son Jonathan. My dad was just wonderful and to me, he was always Daddy. He and mom died within 2 weeks of each other because he said he couldn’t live without her. So many fond memories of both!

  5. a beautiful post, Ruth, about your very special father!!!
    I realized yesterday that I mentionaed the cake, your china and cake plate, but not your lovely polished silver fork!!!
    Love E

  6. I just stumbled onto your blog while I was looking up some information for a spiritual autobiography that I’m working on. I knew your Dad and Mom in Philadelphia in the early 1980’s. Though we did not have a long time together the time we had was very important to me. Your Dad’s smile and laughter, your Mom’s compassion and kindness as well as the generosity of spirit that they both displayed have stayed with me all these years – and will continue to be part of the fabric of my life. Thank you for writing the entry above.
    By the way, my Dad gave me a white Kitchenaid mixer once upon a time…and I still use it and think of him.
    In Peace,

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